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Yiorgos’s latest effort, Maestro, was a project years in the making. He was hired to create music for the play, “Fantasy and Fuge”, based on the life of Mitroupolos. Over time he composed ten stunning pieces for this endeavor, and put together a first class ensemble to record these compositions including special guests Alex Acuna, Bireli LaGrene, Eric Marienthall, and Scott Kinsey.

The writing (not to mention the playing) by Yiorgos is nothing less than first rate, jumping styles and musical landscapes while showcasing the talents of this spectacular array of players. I can’t overemphasize Yiorgo’s compositional prowess in this effort. The power of this musician’s pen puts him in a class of his own, and much more importantly takes the listener on a great journey backed by superb playing from everyone involved. Once again I fall to my catch phrase…this is a 21st century effort, genre jumping at its best with the “music”, not the playing, being the focus (although the playing is damn hard to ignore) It would also be a disservice not mentioning what a great voice Yiorgos has developed on his axe...great ensemble playing and inspired improvisational moments.

I urge you to check out this CD. This effort compositionally and musically is a rare bird, and is deserving of widespread critical acclaim…no wonder Anthony Jackson hired him to write the music for his first solo release.






A new CD from Yiorgos Fakanas, his 8th personal, which at the same time constitutes the first personal CD of the bass legend ANTHONY JACKSON.

The eight compositions-arrangements in this new album, actually have as their central axiom the catalytic presence of Jackson’s sound and playing. This magnificent player, after a remarkable career in American and world discography, realizes his first personal project, with the compositions of his Greek colleague, thereby honoring him as well as the entire Greek jazz-fusion scene.


Each of them playing with two different basses throughout the whole album, create an incredible bass duo, over which some of the world’s best players add their art: DAVE WECKL-drums, FRANK GAMBALE-guitars, MITCH FORMAN-keyboards, TONY LAKATOS-saxes, MIHAIL IOSSIFOV-trumpet, TAKIS PATERELIS-saxes, flute, ANDONIS ANDREOU-trombone. Also with them, Manos Theodosakis-trumpet, Enrique Bu-percussion, Vladimir Stoyianov-trombone, Teodor Tachev-baritone, and a string quartet.


INTERSPIRIT contains luminous jazz-fusion music with dynamic arrangements as well as soulful moments.

As the CD title reveals, these compositions were born from the yearning to unite the creative flame from two different geographical and cultural spheres. From two seemingly unconnected artists who, without knowing it, had the same life-goal: to beautify our everyday life with transcendent values, making music that triggers our senses and widens our humanity.

A creative orchestral musical bridge between civilizations. A high spiritual meeting, above the line of a mediocre reality, with a clear horizon where there is no room for misery and ephemeral consumption of matter and people. The home of a sheer happiness of communication through an art that defines a brighter future for all of us.


Participating for the first time in the Greek discography Dave Weckl, o world's largest modern drummer o Mike Stern and one of the most famous guitarists of the jazz world and fusion. With them the most hot New York saxophonist, Bob Franceschini and the best guitarist of Australian Brett Garsed. Faith in the values ​​of life, stable steering musical unswerving course in creative paths. George Fakanas presents his new CD "DOMINO" exactly one year after the release of "ECHOES". Another submission soul bassist, composer and arranger who for 25 years creates ceaselessly at all levels of contemporary musical expression (concerts, discography, bibliography, education, production music events, etc.). In this CD the impurities of jazz and fusion is more obvious than ever. Configurations where the melody is still evident despite the barrage of astonishingly virtuosic playing of top international musicians participating. Orchestrations to emphasize how shiny and bright synthetic ideas and incorporate the improvisational parts the entire musical score like Mike Stern guitar, Dave Weckl drums, Brett Garsed guitar, Bob Franceschini saxophones, Chris Rafailidis vibraphone and George on bass Fakanas certify that they have done for years known: the high artistic value and excellent musical score. The DOMINO is a distillation of experience, knowledge and maturity.

In terms of content is a recipe of life, an informed perspective. The components of this proposal lie in the track titles. Aparaititi faith and confidence in the forces and personal choices if needed can reach the limits of Narcissus without guilt. Away from the attachments that do not offer radical mood for constant change, freedom of expression and thought. Open gerakisia eyes with passion that distinguishes each action. Resistance to rotation of sweet and bitter to make long trips envisioned. A positive domino thinking, a positive sequence will result.

Orchestral music, loud, energetic, jazz-fusion glowing. The DOMINO is a nonstop party with life hosts some of the best musicians in the world now participate in creative Greek diskografia.y useful work for the Greek jazz discography. The gift of


Color, movement, horizons, meetings, perfume from Greece. This is the 'Echoes' (echoes) the new album by George Fakanas just released by LIBRA MUSIC. A geography of contemporary music, a new sonic topography of our land. Through its rich discography, the Fakanas now comes with 'Echoes' to give a personal feel for our country. The project is a musical journey in ten regions of Greece. Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, Peloponnese, Aegean, the Dodecanese and Crete, illustrated with textures ranging from tradition and evolve the sound of today. The aim of Fakanas is to show the historical dimension of music, as understood by a contemporary composer, whose personal writing is to read the first formal expression of tradition. So the tradition is just the trigger, the starting point, the space of inspiration. The final sound is completely modern. Only a few minor references, some passages of sounds and rhythms remind us yesterday. The structure is modern, inspired the plot, the evolution unpredictable. It touches the thymic, transfers images and describes contemporary events through a rich narrative writing and dense and strong compositional language.

Like all of us, so in Fakanas not exude all areas of Greece the same feeling. This particular color of each site is attributed to 'Echoes' through changing musical impressions, puffy musical density and gravity. Pieces extrovert and introvert pieces, pieces that act as modern dance and lyrical wanderings attribute and geographic diversity of the mental impressions and emotions tied to us and continue to bind us to this earth. The 'Echoes' are echoes of optimistic look at us in our future.

Of course we must refer particularly to the very important musical forms of participating in 'Echoes'. The internationally known American trumpeter Wallace Rony (Wallace Roney) holds one of the first roles in the project, the Greek side but international career vimprafonista of 'Manhattan Vibes' Chris Rafailides. And the list by outstanding musicians has no end (the record simply because the reference to the staff of each project would require pages) David Lynch, Nick Kapilidis, Dimos Dimitriadis, Yazdjian Haig, George Maniatis, Enrique Bu, Dimitris Kalantzis, Anthony Ladopoulos, Gouastor Achilles, and one of the best string orchestras.

To 'Echoes' was written with the project "East of Newfoundland" (unpublished work with songs) at the request of artistic director of KOEM, Xarchakos (1997), and presented for the first time in the Palace (12/06/2000) from the KOEM in direction of the composer. The project was re-recorded for the album.


Contact George Fakanas the standard, the "dictionary" of the language we speak, jazz, "as he says, remained stable in the presence of 15-year music but only through their live performances. For the first time recorded on the disk. Eleven jazz standards like "Love me or Leave me", the "Blue and Boogle", the "Someday my Prince Will Come", the "Round Midnight", but the "Moondance" of Van Morisson, with the lion's lion n 'belongs to Thelonious Monk (4 of 11 are compositions Monk), the favorite composer of Greek music of "tou80 generation." The sight of George Fakanas (bass), Pantelis Benetatou (piano) and John Stavropoulos (drums) in the compositions on which was written the history of jazz and that determined the evolution of this music form, focusing not on great American songwriter compositions, like Cole Porter, but who wrote pieces or "translated" in the language of jazz and mainly bopers Miles Davies, The Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillesple a and Wayne Shorter. The plasticity of the standard gives the trio the opportunity to play exclusively in the field of electrical audio tracks without something to Khan by the power of melody. And as a seal of good melody that relationship and power comes the voice of the soul Sandy Citizen, which involved singing in four pieces and assumes the role of a relay in a very «Stand-Art» is the gift of George Fakanas. The integrity with which builds the atmosphere of an electric jazz trio from the first note and kept unchanged until the last.


New personal record of Mrs. bassist composer George Fakanas entitled "Amorosa" (Columbia) who comes to stress this remarkable compositional presence in contemporary music expression and personality and has the courage and means to implement the musical concerns in creative and educational level. In this record, we have four configurations starting with the jazz-fusion, moving around the idea of ​​sexual relationship at every level that even as an idea is creative and dynamic, displaying these qualities in music. A strong sextet with Fakanas, Lynch, Paterelis, Kalantzakou, Panagiotopoulos and Theophanous and participation of the guitar by D. Sinogianni which is further enhanced with electronic symphonic Antonis Plessas Thymios Papadopoulos and intervening to fill their compositions and thus and otherwise have a beauty and personality. (Audio Magazine)


"Parastasis" is the title of the album "Iskra" represented by the David Lynch, Takis Farazis, Fakanas George, and Nick Touliatos. The compositions contained on the disc were made in 1986 for the needs of Patras Festival by David Lynch and George Fakanas. "The music describes a circus show from beginning to end and to extend the show everyone's daily life," George said yesterday Fakanas. "In the disk, even said, there is the element of jazz improvisation but has been processed in order to avoid the easy solution of the" cliche ".

"FIRST" Tuesday, March 27, 1990


That the Greek music scene - and especially that of recent years - is second in talent is no secret. Is also common knowledge that the artwork that deserves to be notified usually reaches only up to the door of the production and distribution centers. So there. Usual. Because there are artists who are willing, courage and, above all, the ideological / political / artistic "will" break the barrier and overcome obstacles, realizing their visions or part of them, at least. Overcoming such a "barrier" seems to be the «Horizon», two disc album of bassist George Fakanas, a key member of the Iskra group since its inception, the leap year 1984 until today. At the same time seems to be an overcoming of its own limitations, the nature of music and not by objective artistic qualities of its members, raised above the band. The difference is evident in the compositions «Rootbreaker» and «Personal People» which was first presented to the first recorded album Iskra entitled «A New Day». But what happens in the "Horizon"? A musical narrative contained within the memories of the past, the action of this years and future visions of not only the composer but of every man. A narrative rich in emotions, images, perspectives. A full description of sonic purity, dynamism and optimism. George Fakanas has composed all the tracks of the album and has orchestrated ensembles for medium size sextet up 15-member orchestra - except the «Flash Back» which opens the album, a duet filled with memories Fakanas on bass and Takis Farazis the keys. The overall result is a modern music, full of variety and vividness, while challenging and enjoyable and, above all, full of vitality and sensitivity. "A dedication to the eternal childhood of the soul," says the composer. And the words of eternal childhood that this is just beautiful music. Nothing else.

George Haronitis